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Whether you're looking to purchase a piece of real estate in an area with lots of stunning greenery or searching for a commercial property from which to sell your products or services, you simply cannot do better than Surrey, British Columbia. It has all the opportunity that easy access to Vancouver can provide while simultaneously being a sort of suburban step down from its neighbour's crowded housing conditions. To learn more about this city and why buying real estate here will be the best move you ever make, simply browse this website. It contains everything you need to know including information on industry, education, entertainment, community, restaurants, health care, real estate and more!

Surrey, British Columbia: The Future Lives Here

Located on the Fraser River south of Burnaby in the Lower Mainland area of Greater Vancouver, Surrey is the second largest city in the province. It has a multicultural population of 395,000, with more than 30% of residents having been born in other countries, most notably those in southern Asia. The city was incorporated in 1879 and named for its resemblance to the county of Surrey in England. Since then, the population and prosperity of the city has exploded due to its proximity to Vancouver and is expected to outdistance it in population in the next few years, which has led the city to adopt the motto "the future lives here."

Surrey, British Columbia has several hospitals and health care centers, including specialized facilities for cancer treatment and mental health evaluation. It is also home to Kwantlen Polytechnic University, which trains students in skilled trades as well as sciences, arts, and medicine, and a satellite campus of Simon Fraser University. There are also over 500 farms producing everything from potatoes to blueberries.

The city is known as the host city for several major annual events. It has the second largest rodeo in Canada, a Children's Festival, an International Writers' Conference, the Sikh festival Vaisakhi, and hosted a number of venues for the 2010 Olympics. Outdoor sports are also popular in the city, which has 5,400 acres of parkland in which to hike, bike, climb and canoe.

Neighbourhoods and Home Styles

Surrey is unlike neighbouring Vancouver in that the vast majority of its housing is spread out rather than up. Surrey is a city of single family homes in leafy suburbs with quiet streets and ample yard space. You'll find that even most of the apartments are simply flats in subdivided homes. There are some larger buildings in the City Center where you can find more densely packed condos and apartments, but you'll find that even most of these buildings contain offices. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is still a lot of agriculture going on in Surrey. About 35% of the land is given over to it, so if it's a farm lifestyle you desire you can find that here as well.

In terms of neighbourhoods, the city is divided into six districts known locally as town centers, which creates an atmosphere of separate villages coming together for mutual benefit rather than one monolithic metropolis. The six town centers are: Fleetwood, Whalley/City Center, Guildford, Newton, Cloverdale, and South Surrey. Each community is different, so be sure to have a look at them all before you decide. For instance Fleetwood is more densely populated and known for its shopping while Newton is the most ethnically diverse. Cloverdale contains numerous heritage sites and South Surrey has a large community of retirees.

Purchasing a property in Surrey is a much more affordable prospect than purchasing one in Vancouver, with only a slight increase in commute times. Currently the average single family home costs about $472,000. Townhouses average out around $300,000 while condos come in around $196,000. To rent an apartment, you're looking at between $880 and $1,300 per month depending on the number of bedrooms.

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